Sports Injury related to Shoulder : Major Types

The most common shoulder injury is the failure of ligaments. Second injury is slap tear injury.The movement of shoulder joints, depend on the stability of the shoulder joints. Our each and every movement impacts on the weight lifted by a shoulder. If we lift the arms, then the weight shoulder carries is 10 times of the weight we are carrying. And while lifting the shoulders, we have the 50% of our body weight. Each action brings 75% weight on the shoulders. If the ligaments fail to support the shoulders, then our shoulders move with the speed of 70,000 rpm. .

Tendon Injuries of Shoulder : Early Signs and Symptoms

There are four tendons rotator cuff and one of biceps. The injuries related to these tendons may be due to sports related or age also. After 50 years of age, 20% of people have this rotator cuff disease. Tendon is like a cable and it gets power through muscles. No muscle regenerates after injury. If the shoulder muscles are not into use, then fat gets deposited into it. If more than 50% fat gets accumulated in the muscles, repair will also be of no use. Shoulder replacement will only be the last option left. Detection, treatment and exercises are mandatory things to keep yourself safe.