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Most important ligament stabilising surgery to prevent recurrent dislocation of the shoulder.

Bankart lesion is the tearing of the ligament from the front of the socket of the shoulder. This is present in 97-99% of shoulder dislocations and is the cause of recurrence as it does not heal without surgery and if it does, it does so in non-anatomical position because of which shoulder looses its stability!

Is there a chance of bankart lesion stabilising without surgery?

This largely depends upon age! If the first dislocation happens in teen age ( <19 years of age) then the chances of healing of this ligament are practically nil (Recurrence of dislocation is more than 99%). However, as the age advances e.g. in a 40 years old individual, there are 30-40 % chances for the shoulder to stabilise without surgery after one episode of dislocation.

Why does the shoulder dislocate again & again?

Because ligament tear does not heal and with each episode of dislocation, bone gets damaged on the socket (Glenoid bone loss) and the ball (Humeral head bone loss) setting up a vicious circle!

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