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We are the one stop solution provider for following sports injuries (Diagnosis/Rehabilitation/Physiotherapy and if needed Arthroscopic (key hole/laser) surgery or open surgery where indicated) to give definite cure and bring the athlete back on track.


Ligament injuries (acl, pcl & collateral ligaments)

Very common in high impact athletes e.G. Football player getting tackled!

Meniscal injuries (meniscus is a cartilage cushion between thigh and leg bones forming the knee joint)

Very common when one twists the upper body while standing

Runner’s knee (friction of I t band)


Ankle sprain (anterior and lateral ligament injury)

Very common in athletes who lift weights or do body building. Also common in boxers.

Very common but only less than 5% need surgery (browstorm’s procedure) who have instability
Hind-foot problems.