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We are the one stop solution provider for following sports injuries (Diagnosis/Rehabilitation/Physiotherapy and if needed Arthroscopic (key hole/laser) surgery or open surgery where indicated) to give definite cure and bring the athlete back on track.

Dislocating shoulders (Recurrent dislocation/Bankart lesion/ Reverse Bankart ligament lesion)

Very common in Wrestlers, Kabaddi players, Basketball, Volleyball, weight lifters and overhead racquet sports and because of trauma or fall in any contact sports like football

Rotator cuff tendon tears

(More commonly Supraspinatus/Infraspinatus as repetitive action and disturbed biomechanics in overhead athletes OR as a result of trauma/fall when it can rupture Subscapularis which is very commonly missed!)

SLAP Tears (Superior Labral Anterior Posterior - A tear of the biceps tendon attachment from the top of the socket of shoulder joint)

Very common in Cricketers. They can bat but can’t bowl or throw overhead.

Weight-lifter’s Shoulder (Absorption of the outer end of the collar bone because of stress, a.k.a Distal Clavicular Osteolysis)

Very common in athletes who lift weights or do body building. Also common in boxers.

Impingement/Tendinoses (No tear but inflammation of bursa between rotator cuff tendons and shoulder blade bone)

Usually good guided physiotherapy to correct the faulty biomechanics of the shoulder resolves the problem and no surgery is needed!

Fractures & dislocations of arm bone, shoulder blade and collar bone
Neglected injuries of shoulders