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Dr. Raman Kant Aggarwal

One of the leading orthopaedic surgeons in Northern India and the best orthopaedic doctor in Gurgaon, Dr. Raman Kant Aggarwal has established himself as a super-specialist in shoulder, elbow, wrist, sports injuries and joint replacements. Of the 27 years of his experience as an Orthopeadic surgeon, nearly 15 have been dedicated to his specialty of shoulder and the upper limbs. Today, he is considered amongst the foremost names in the country for Reverse & Anatomical Shoulder replacements (including revisions), Total elbow replacement (including revisions), Arthroscopic (key hole) surgeries of shoulder (tendon tears, dislocating shoulders a.k.a Bankart lesion, frozen shoulder, SLAP injuries, weight lifter’s shoulder) and elbow (loose bodies, plica, stiff elbows and early arthritis). So, for best shoulder treatment, look no further.

‘Expertise with Ethics’ – We are dedicated to world-class clinical excellence, honest & affordable and compassionate care. It is not a transaction but a positive interaction that ensures that you are an integral part of your own treatment, which follows scientific & evidence-based parameters.
Super-specialist in
shoulder, elbow, wrist,
sports injuries and
joint replacements
Trained extensively in Europe and United Kingdom
Leading surgeon in north India for Reverse & Anatomical Shoulder replacements (including revisions) Arthroscopic surgery
More than 3500
shoulder & upper limb surgeries
Over 28 years of experience in dealing
with joint problems
and sports injuries
More than 250
shoulder & elbow replacements
Credited with setting up the Musculoskeletal division at Medanta


With his expert diagnosis, surgical skills and his passion in rehabilitating athletes back to their performance levels, Dr. Aggarwal has helped not just many professional players reclaim their winning ways, but also everyday people who like to lead an active and fit lifestyle. He is widely considered the best shoulder doctor in Gurgaon and the whole of Northern India. So if you are looking for shoulder arthroscopy in Gurgaon or the best sports injury clinic near you, just remember, ShoulderDoc
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Women, working or housewives, and particularly those above the age of 50, are generally more prone to shoulder and upper limb disorders. The most common shoulder problems pertaining to women are Rotator cuff tears(very common), arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis at the base of the thumb.These problems arise because of routine household chores and constitute the biggest spectrum of overuse injuries. The problem which begins with pain or mild loss of movement, is often overlooked by women as something non-serious. It is only when it begins to impact their regular routine that treatment is sought. So, if you suffer from pain in your shoulders or upper limbs, seek medical advice immediately. It could mean early recovery without having to undergo painful, costly and lengthy surgical interventions. Dr Aggarwal is the best shoulder surgeon in Gurgaon and perhaps the only one for shoulder replacement surgery in Gurgaon.
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It was more than 10 years, I could not get rid of my shoulder pain.although, I consulted many doctors, but none of the treatments helped me.
At the age of 16, while my son got a shoulder injury while throwing the ball in his cricket match. Everyone thought it is just a cramp.
Ritesh Sharma
Dr Raman kant is a very experienced doctor. He suggested us the right way. His guidance is very helpful and we can see the improvement after surgery.
At the age of 16, while my son got a shoulder injury while throwing the ball in his cricket match. Everyone thought it is just a cramp.
Dislocated Shoulder
Tennis Elbow
Shoulder Tendonitis
Frozen Shoulder
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Shoulder Arthritis