Frozen Shoulder and Its Warning Signs and Symptoms

Frozen shoulder refers to the condition that affects your shoulder joints and is marked by the stiffness and pain that gradually develops and increases with time. Your shoulder joint is a ball and socket type of joint surrounded by a group of tissue that holds the shoulder blade, the clavicle and the upper arm together also known as shoulder capsule. While suffering from a frozen shoulder these capsules become so thick that it becomes very tough to get a full movement with your arm.

Causes of a frozen shoulder

Though the real cause of a frozen shoulder is unknown, sometimes the people suffering from heart- related issues, thyroid, diabetes can also suffer from a frozen shoulder. It is also quite common in people who recently underwent heart surgery, breast surgery or angioplasty. Frozen shoulder is also found to be more common in diabetic females.

Symptoms of a frozen shoulder

1) Pain in carrying out even the simplest of tasks.

2) Stiffness in the shoulder joint