Sports Injury related to Shoulder

Failure of ligaments is the most common shoulder injury. The second most common type of injury is slap tear injury. The shoulder joints movement is entirely dependent on the stability of the shoulder joints. every movement forces on the weight lifted by a shoulder. By lifting the arms, the weighted shoulder carries almost 10 times of the weight we can usually carry. Every activity brings around 75% weight on the shoulders. If the ligaments are not supporting the shoulders, then our shoulders give the movement with a speed of 70,000 rpm.

Tendon Injuries of Shoulder:Initial Signs and Symptoms

There are a total of four tendons rotator cuff and one of the biceps. The injuries that occur to these tendons are mainly sports-related or due to age as well. About 20% of People belonging to the age of 50 years or more have rotator cuff condition. The tendon is sort of a cable that derives its power from muscles. If the shoulder muscles remain stagnant, then there is a chance of fat deposition into it. For greater than 50% of fat accumulation in the muscles, the repair is also of no use. Shoulder replacement is then the only option left. Diagnosis, treatment and exercises are necessary to help you out of this condition.